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“Where Are They Now”
Tim Rossovich


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Chow Mein and Friends Page!
This page is dedicated to our memories of Chow Mein and friends!

Denise Stackhouse writes on Kahlua

kahula kaluha8

November 30 10 am - Kaluha crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was suffering from many conditions at the end. She has been a quadraplegic for the last few months. Please send good thoughts and prayers for Kaluha as well as Tim and Lauren who will miss her greatly.

Good Bye Brave Girl

I have to say good bye to one of my favorite clients. Her name was Kahlua and she has crossed over "the Rainbow Bridge" as her mom, Lauren  informed me today. I am really going to miss Kahlua, and I will miss not seeing Lauren and Tim every Monday. This dog had paralysis in her hind  legs that eventually left her unable to walk at all. Early on, she could get around in her cart that supported the back of her while she walked  with her front legs. I have seen pictures of her in her cart and she  looks so determined and confident with her wheels and paws moving along  the street! In my conversation with Lauren today, she told me that  Kahlua was looking bloated one night this week and that she was whining  in pain. They took her to the vet and while his staff was attempting to  insert a breathing tube in preparation of surgery, they discovered that  Kahlua had a tumor on the back of her tongue way down into her throat.  She was so sick because she had a failed liver and gallbladder. There  were other complications as well, and so Lauren and Tim made the sad  decision to let her go and I know this was very hard for them to do and  my heart goes out to the both of them. After my many visits to work on  Kahlua, I came to greatly admire both Lauren and Tim for the selfless  work they do on behalf of the abused and abandoned dogs here in Nevada  County and anywhere else there might be a dog in need. They have  inspired me everyday and I thank them for that, just as I am sure Kahlua thanks them for loving her and providing her with every comfort and a  soft place to lay her big fluffy head. Lauren and Tim head up the  Chow-Chow Resue. They are included in my Links. Take a look at what they do and adopt or donate if you can or just say a pray for their rescued  dogs. Thanks. Kahlua was loved by all and she will be missed. I am  thankful I got the chance to meet her." Denise Stackhouse

Chow Mein


May 22nd - More on Chow Mein from Cheryl Wicks

Chow Mein was a dog Lauren and Tim rescued from our shelter about 4 years  ago. At the time no one knew what an extraordinary dog he was. He was  going to be euthanized and Lauren and Tim came to the rescue. Thank God. Chow Mein has been used to work with many of the chows they rescue that need socializing. Chow Mein was the one dog that Chica was able to play with. Chica is the pitbull that I loved so much that did get put down.  She did not get along with other dogs, but Chow Mein with his gentle  ways convinced her that he was O.K. Chow Mein was one really special  boy. Lauren and Tim are so sad. I just want them to know how much we  appreciate all they do to rescue so many chows and even non-chows. It  was an honor to have known Chow Mein for awhile.

Cheryl Wicks - Nevada County Animal Shelter


May 16, 2006-A Very Sad Day for CCRSF

Tim and  Lauren's very special and beautiful chow boy passed away Tuesday morning on our vet's table. Chow Mein's spirit and image will continue to live  in our organization, on our website and on our business cards. Please  send Tim and Lauren good thoughts as they have suffered a huge loss.

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