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“Where Are They Now”
Tim Rossovich


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Angie PeanutButter

February 27, 2009



Our beautiful little chubby Chow left this world on Friday, February 27, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.

As he left this world to cross over the Rainbow Bridge, we remember that  he was the light  of our lives.  He was the sweetest Chow always  wanting for belly rubs.

Because of Beijing and his mother China, we began Chow Chow Rescue of the Sierra Foothills to rescue and find homes for Chows.

Beijing was such a gentle soul.  He loved our deck where he watched over all  the comings and goings of the rescue dogs. He was truly an officer and a gentleman.

We are going to miss your fuzzy face and your paw on everyone’s knee for attention and scratches.

Our hearts are broken, but you are no longer in pain and now at peace.

We Love You

Laren & Tim Rossovitch

April 22, 2009


China2 ChinaandBajing

Our beautiful China left us April 22 mid-afternoon to be with her beloved  baby, Beijing, who crossed over “The Rainbow Bridge” February 24, 2009.

China was the cornerstone of our lives and a devoted mother. Her health had  deteriorated in the last year, but she lived for her son. After his  passing, she lost her will to live and died of natural causes.

We adopted China and Beijing from Northern California CHow CHow Rescue  eight years ago. Thank you Pridence for our beloved babies. With  Pridence’s guidance, and inspiration from CHina and Beijing, we began  Chow CHow Rescue of the Sierra Foothills.

“China and Beijing you were such perfect kids and we will continue to rescue  in your honor.  Our home is not the same without you.  Precious CHina  dol you will forever be in our hearts.”

We Love You

Laren & Tim Rossovitch



Our beloved Akita-Lab lost her fight with cancer, March 16 at 11:45 a.m.  She taught us the meaning of love, forgiving and trust. She came to us  from an abuse case where she was tied on a chain for over eights years.

We were blessed to rescue and adopt her, giving us three wonderful years.  She had an uphill battle with cancer resulting in three surgeries over  the past year and a half.

Emme, you were the matriarch of our  home, meeting and greeting all potential adopters for our rescue.  Everyone wanted to take you home, but you were ours!

Our home is  now silent without you, we are missing your bark. Again our hearts are  broken, but we celebrate your life and the lessons you gave us.

We Love You and Miss You.
Laurn & Tim Rossovich
Chow Chow Rescue of the Sierra Foothills
Mystery Mutts




ZeusZeus was a great friend & wonderful dog!
He had a good life full of love and devotion.  He knew it was time. He went peacefully & without anxiety.  He knew we were there with him.  He left at 1:20 yesterday afternoon.  We don't know how old he was because he was 100lbs when we got him from the shelter. He grew to 138lbs.
Zeus was a great dog!  He brought us so much joy & fill our lives with laughter.  He came from the shelter fire in 2000 that killed so many dogs.  He was one of the ones who was saved. My son went to the shelter to take all our linens for the burned animals and came back with Zeus. I was scared to death of him and he was scared out of his wits.  We worked it out.  Such a good save!
He was a true Akita in every sense of the word. He was brave, stoic about pain & disappointment, very devoted & loyal. He was dignified & noble.  He was movie star handsome & grew to love all the attention & affection. He stopped traffic as many Akitas do when he went down the street.
He shared his home with hundreds of rescued dogs and accepted them (sometimes begrudgingly) but made sure they knew who ran the show.
He will always be loved & missed.  

Cheryl Weatherford
A Passion for Paws Rescue, Inc
501(c)(3) organization
818-9AKITAS phone

JoelDear Tim and Lauren,
Happy holidays! You and Margie rescued me one year ago on highway 5 at Westley exit,
I just wanted to say Thank you!!! I am fine and living with my adoptive parents
Kathy and Bob in Foresthill, they rub my tummy all day long and we have so much fun!
I just run and play on the acreage and chase the squirrels. I also dig up all the moles on the property,
and as Kathy tells me I am the best dog in the whole world!!! She always  tells the story of how you and Margie rescued me and my puppies and how I came about my name NOEL.
Thank you once again! Merry Christmas to all of you and a Healthy, Happy 2011.

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